Digital readiness diagnostic

Are you ready?

There are four key disruptive influencesimpacting the FMCG value chain

The influence of Digital


New ways for consumers to engage with brands and products


New competitors & business models emerging


New sales channels to master


New capabilities and talent required

Disruption means the nimblest are winning not the biggest

Competitive importance of Digital

Easier coordination with 3rd parties, low-cost marketing, direct, real-time engagement with end consumers

  • Purchasing power?
  • value-chain leverage?
  • investment capital?

Digital is no respecter of reputation

3 years later, Dollar Shave Club...

Businesses are investing heavily in getting digital right

Reaching a milestone from which to scale up

Source L'Oreal Conference presentation September 2015

Getting it wrong comes with heavy penalties

Unilever under the cosh after Goldman downgrade

  • Founded in 2012

  • Market dominated by Gillette ranked 16th in Interbrand's global Top 100 brand study

  • 3 years later, Dollar Shave Club...

    ...has seen its launch video viewed over 20 million times

  • ...has c.2million members

  • valued at $615m (Source LA Times, July 2015)

  • 2014 creates position of Chief Digital Officer

  • 2015over 1,000 digital specialists

  • 25% of media dedicated to digital

  • 1Bn€e-commerce sales forecast for 2015 > 40% e-commerce sales growth

  • Aug 2015 Goldman Sachs issues negative report on Unilever

  • Negativity based on poor positioning with respect to digital challenges

  • Significant impact on share price

Would you like to know how ready are you to embrace the world of digital?


How ingrained is the digital mentality within the firm and what does this mean for decision making?

Knowledge & Understanding

What is the Digital IQ of the business?


To what extent does the company harness the power of digital through functional expertise?


Is there a clear, long-term digital strategy and how does this dovetail with the overall business strategy?

How do you compare to your peers?

We are inviting businesses to participate in a global benchmarking study into digital readiness

  • London
  • Paris
  • Rotterdam
  • Hamburg
  • Warsaw
  • Dusseldorf
  • Istanbul
  • New York
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Sao Paulo
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai


  • High level assessment of business capabilities for digital strategy to succeed
  • Benchmarking relative to industry


  • 10 minute online survey
  • Respondents drawn from across all levels and departments of your business


  • Survey launched in Q1 2016
  • Base data supplemented on an on-going basis throughout 2016
  • Q1 2017 and onwards; annual benchmarking

Indicative Invitees

Participating businesses will have access to a tailored portal where they can explore their results

Tailored portal site Tailored portal site Tailored portal screen

Digital diagnostic output

  • Understand your employees' view of your business, its performance, strategy and capabilities
  • Understand their capabilities, knowledge and optimism about your business’s digital future
  • Compare all of this to industry benchmarks
  • Ready yourself to embrace digital opportunities

Why OC&C

Our collaboration with leading digital players and our digital IQ research gives us unique insight into how the world is changing

10 things every CEO should know about multichannel The Digital University Digital IQ Handboook Digital Stractics

Could you be the sponsor within your business?

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